Encontrada la Atlantida ?

Scientist believes Atlantis found off Cyprus
The quest to find the lost city of Atlantis has begun in earnest off Cyprus's southern shores.

A US-led team of explorers claims the ancient city lies on the seabed between Cyprus and Syria.

With the aid of unique underwater maps, a US researcher claims to have assembled evidence to prove the mythological island of Atlantis really existed.

Using sophisticated sonar technology, California-based Robert Salmas says he has not only been able to pinpoint Atlantis to a sunken land mass off Cyprus's southern coast, but even discern its geographical features as described by Plato.

The alleged discovery has been greeted with barely concealed mirth by the Mediterranean island's tourism office.

Hunt for Atlantis leads to Cyprus

A US researcher who is convinced the fabled city of Atlantis is lurking in the watery deep off Cyprus will launch an exploratory mission this summer, he said.

“We believe our discovery will put Cyprus at the centre of the world stage forever,” Robert Sarmast told Reuters.

Sarmast said the east Mediterranean island is actually the pinnacle of the long-lost city and the rest of it is about one mile below sea level. Using deep-sea maps and clues found in Plato, Sarmast said he has discovered a sunken rectangular landmass stretching northeast from Cyprus toward Syria.

“We are going to sail 70 miles offshore Cyprus, directly over the spot where we believe Atlantis City lays submerged and waiting to be discovered,” he said.

The mystery of Atlantis — both whether it existed and why it disappeared — has fired the imagination of explorers for centuries.

Many believe the ancient civilization was destroyed in the biblical flood and that it was possibly the site of the Garden of Eden.

Greek mythology says Atlantis was a powerful nation whose residents were so corrupted by greed and power that Zeus destroyed it. —Reuters

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