Forbes Names Slashdot as Best of the Web

Forbes Names Slashdot as Best of the Web Forbes recently named Slashdot as Best of the Web in its technology news category. In its Spring 2004 rankings, Slashdot was named in both the B2B and Consumer categories as a best in class news website.

his tech-mecca Web log is the place for unrestrained Webheads who want to read highly technical news and trade posts about what's going on in the digital world. While links to news sites abound, what's here is governed by what posters care about, leaving the site a bit lopsided in focus. Techies who don't like ads can pay $5 for the right to see 1,000 ad-free pages. Regular surfers beware: Jargon is everywhere. If you don't speak geek, this is not the site for you.

BEST: Some posts offer smart takes on current events as they apply to the tech world, for instance the recent uproar over outsourcing.

WORST: Techie arrogance abounds. A FAQ on user login problems blithely notes that thousands of people have no trouble using the site, so the issue must be the user's computer.

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