Riddick -Pitch Black- Las Cronicas de Riddick- tendra serie de TV.

Riddick -Pitch Black- Las Cronicas de Riddick- tendra serie de TV. In a daring move, THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK writer/director, David Twohy has announced to SciFi Wire that he'll be focusing on a made for television spin-off film as a pilot for an eventual series for the character of Kyra. Played by Alexa Davalos in the big screen version, look for a younger actress (between the ages of 15-17) to take over the role on TV. From the site: "They want to do a sort of Kyra, The Lost Years," Twohy said in an interview. "I'll be writing the story for that, just so that the expanding universe has a creative continuity to it, and it doesn't get too corporate and there are too many hands in the [project]." The proposed Kyra SCI FI Channel project "will be a two-hour pilot, followed by a series, based on the Jack/Kyra character and how she went in search for Riddick and trouble befell her along the way," Twohy said. The series would fill in the five years between the end of “Pitch Black” and the beginning of “The Chronicles of Riddick”. Kyra is the same character everyone thought was a little boy and was referred to as Jack in the original PITCH BLACK. Be sure to check out the rest of the photos from RIDDICK's premiere (like the one above of Davalos) by clicking here. The film opens on June 11th.

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