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Psp ....

Conversor de claves...

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Dont want you having problems with your codes now.

FITNESS: Video game fans dance off extra pounds

Forget the image of paunchy video gamers holed up in a dark room, surrounded by sticky Twinkie wrappers and empty soda cans.

Dance Dance Revolution players burn extra pounds along with their quarters. Weight loss is an unexpected benefit of a game designed for dance music.

Natalie Henry, 14, was drawn to the pulsing techno songs, and didn't realize she had slimmed down until she went clothes shopping.

"I went to go buy pants and the 14s were too big. The more I played, I gradually had to get smaller size pants," said Natalie, who now buys size 8 baggy cargoes.

The premise of DDR is simple: Players stand on a 3-foot square platform with an arrow on each side of the square_ pointing up, down, left and right. The player faces a video screen that has arrows scrolling upward to the beat of a song chosen by the player. As an arrow reaches the top of the screen, the player steps on the corresponding arrow on the platform.

Sound easy? Throw in combinations of multiple arrows and speed up the pace, and the game is as challenging and vigorous as a high impact aerobics class.

Most beginners look like they're stomping on ants and are flushed in the face after one or two songs.

"At first I was playing it for fun, but when you see results you're like, 'Yeah!"' said Matt Keene, a 19-year-old from Charleston, S.C., who used to weigh more than 350 pounds and wear pants with a 48-inch waist.

Also aided by better eating habits, the 6-foot-5 Keene explained in a phone interview he had dropped to about 200 pounds. Now he works out on a weight bench to bulk up because he thinks he's too skinny.

More than 1 million copies of DDR's home version have been sold in the United States, said Jason Enos, product manager at Konami Digital Entertainment-America, which distributes the Japanese game in the United States. About 6.5 million copies have been sold worldwide.

The home version, which costs about $40 for a game and $40 for a flat plastic dance pad, includes a "workout mode" that can track how many calories the user burns while playing.

The game was designed to be fun. But "what the creators knew is that this is a physical game no matter how you dice it," said Enos, who says he has lost 30 pounds playing DDR. "At some level there's going to be people who want to focus on that element of the game for their own physical health or for exercise."

One pediatrician is so convinced of the health benefits that he's planning a six-month study of DDR and weight loss among 12- to 14-year-olds, in an effort to give the game credibility among physicians.

Dr. Richard Adler, of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, said he likes the game because it "gets the kids off their butts and they lose weight."

"Just like the kids are addicted to regular video games where they use their hands and thumbs, they just don't want to stop," said Adler, who drives a sport utility vehicle with a license plate urging people to "xrsighz."

One possible down side, Adler said, is that DDR might cause discomfort in the joints of players who are heavy and have arthritis.

DDR has been so effective in getting teens off the couch that some schools have incorporated it into their physical education programs.

The chief drawback fans cite is that DDR can be addictive, and therefore expensive. In the arcade, it costs from $1 to $1.50 to dance for about six minutes.

Natalie spent $150 the first four months she played.

"Unless you have the money to do it, you shouldn't do it. I came here with $3," she said.

As she cooled herself in front of a fan at a video arcade, two teenage boys danced on a machine nearby. Their sneakers pounded out a staccato rhythm at a pace so fast that "Lord of the Dance" Michael Flatley would be envious.

Not everyone sees dramatic results. Seventeen-year-old Justin Meeks says his body is more toned, but his weight hasn't changed. He's pleased to point out, though, that his dancing skills have helped him get girls.

"Two. I'm guilty of that," Justin said with a grin as he watched friends play DDR.

Others say the game has changed their lives dramatically.

Four years ago, Tanya Jessen was an unhappy college freshman in Seattle, eating fast food and spending most of her time on the computer.

Her weight hovered around 235, despite weight-loss efforts.

"I thought I was fine until I hit about 220, and I was steadily gaining weight," Jessen said in a telephone interview.

She knew if she kept on that path, she'd weigh 300 by age 25.

Then when Konami released DDR USA two years ago, Jessen got hooked, playing at a Gameworks arcade before and after class. After a year, the 5-foot-8 college student had lost 60 pounds. That motivated her to become more health-conscious -- cutting back on high-calorie foods and drinking water instead of soda.

Jessen, 22, is now a svelte 140 pounds and says self-confidence has made her more outgoing and particular about her appearance.

"There's something about not having to shop in the men's section anymore," she said.

DDR and weight loss

DDR fan site

Konami Digital Entertainment-America

PSP, fotos y más información..

Sony cuts PS2 price, shows off PSP - 149$

OS ANGELES, May 11 (Reuters) - Sony Corp. (Tokyo:6758.T - News; NYSE:SNE - News) on Tuesday cut the price of its leading PlayStation 2 video game console by up to 25 percent in the United States, matching the price of Microsoft Corp.'s (NasdaqNM:MSFT - News) Xbox, whose sales have soared recently following a similar move.

In a press conference at E3, the video game industry's annual trade show, Sony also showed off its upcoming PlayStation Portable handheld device which will play DVD-quality movies and music as well as games nearly as advanced as its market-leading console.

The PSP is the most significant hardware release in four years for Sony's games business, which accounts for two-thirds of the conglomerate's profits, and has helped offset heavy losses from its mainstay electronics business.

Sony said it would start promoting a new price of $149 for the PS2 in the United States, including an optional network adapter for online games. The stand-alone PS2 had been selling for $179, and for $199 with the adapter.

"We view the 2004 opportunity as really the year to cultivate the casual gaming market," Kaz Hirai, president and chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, told a packed audience at a downtown studio complex.

"There is plenty of room for growth as we expand our reach into the casual gaming market," he said.

Late in April, Sony forecast PS2 sales in the business year ending March 2005 would fall as much as 30 percent, a sharper decline than analysts had expected.

Industry analysts had suggested that if Sony did not lower the PS2 price to spur sales, U.S. software makers might find sales growth targets harder to reach.

As of Tuesday, Web sites of major online game retailers already reflected the new price. Sony has lowered the PS2 price in May for the past two years.


Sony also demonstrated the PlayStation Portable, first announced a year ago and set to be released by the end of 2004 in Japan and by March 2005 in the United States and Europe.

Sony did not set a price for the PSP or a firm release date. Ken Kutaragi, group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, told Reuters the company was likely to announce launch and pricing details around the Tokyo Game Show in late September.

The PSP, which will weigh in at just over 9 ounces (260 grams) and feature a 4.3-inch screen in a wide-screen format, will be targeted initially at men ages 18 to 34 years-old.

"The initial target audience for PSP is more reminiscent of our approach in the home console space," Hirai said, noting the PS2 went after the same group at its late-2000 launch.

The PSP uses Wi-Fi wireless networking and has battery life from 2 hours to 10 hours depending on usage.

Sony executives showed a number of games, a promotional trailer for the movie "Spider-Man 2" and a music video from the alternative rock band Incubus.

Sony executives said they would encourage movie and music companies to adopt its "UMD," a new disc designed for the PSP with about three times the data capacity of a standard CD.

In the online game arena. Hirai said Sony would begin offering services like hosting, billing, as well as unified login and passwords for Web-based video games.

He said Sony wants to generate revenue from what he called "mini-transactions" -- small extras downloaded into games or new features for games already on store shelves.

"Right now non-revenue-generating, head-to-head gameplay is the norm, but not for long," He said. "We believe revenue from online content will be a reality in this cycle."

Hirai said Sony is adding 100,000 new online users per month and the company was looking at a content-storage system for downloads on the PS2 that did not require use of the recently-released 40 gigabyte, PS2 hard drive.

The King of Fighters 2002

The King of Fighters 2002 SNK Playmore no quiere perder el tiempo, y mientras seguidores de todo el mundo ya disfrutan con "The King of Fighters 2003" (debido a un ligero descuido), ellos trabajan en la conversión del anterior episodio para Playstation 2. Si bien ha pasado un buen tiempo desde su lanzamiento original en arcades, el juego todavía mantiene su feeling, siendo una compra muy recomendada si queremos disfrutar con la penúltima edición de "KOF".

Para atraer a los usuarios, el producto incluirá una nueva portada (con una ilustración particular), y escenarios diseñados totalmente en 3D, como ya se ha visto en otros juegos de lucha 2D desarrollados por Capcom. Por desgracia, su salida en Europa se torna complicada, por lo que deberemos echarle el guante a través de la importación, o esperar a que alguna distribuidora avispada se decida a traerlo.

"The King of Fighters 2002" llegará a las tiendas japonesas el día 25 de marzo.

ps: Disponible en Torrent y Emule unos 200 y pico megas, merece la pena mucho mejor que el combo raro ese del 2000 y 2001 que salio en usa.

Eye Toy en PC

Eye Toy en PC
Todos te parece iguales ?
Senfield y Superman la ostia. Ingles.

Modchips legales en Italia, primer reves a Sony

Chipping PlayStations isn't illegal, says Italian court
January 21 2004 by Christophe Guillemin

'We know you're only doing it to fight monopolistic business practices…'

Calling the limits put on the PlayStation 2 by Sony "absurd", the Italian authorities have ruled that it's illegal to prohibit certain uses of commercial products.

While Sony is boasting about PlayStation sales breaking the 70-million barrier, the Japanese giant has suffered its first significant legal defeat in Europe. On 31 December, a court in Bolzano, Italy, ruled that the authorities' seizure a few days earlier of mod-chipped PlayStation 2s was illegal - officially landing chipped PlayStation 2s on the right side of Italian law.

The ruling could create complications for other manufacturers, notably Microsoft, which gives access to certain services -for example, Xbox Live online games - only on condition that the console's components aren't tampered with.

Chipping a PS2, as with other consoles, changes limitations set by the manufacturer on what the machine can and can't read - including allowing the owner to read discs from other geographical regions and play pirated copies of software.

The Bolzano court decided that the purpose of converter chips is to "avoid monopolistic positions and improve the possibilities for use of the PlayStation". Moreover, when considering if the Italian civil code permitted a company to prohibit a specific use of one of its products, the court decided: "The response is negative; the product's owner can use it as they see fit." The report on the case was published by the Alcei (Association pour la Liberté dans les Communications Electroniques Interactives), which is affiliated to the EFF in the US.

The court also labelled "absurd" the limits that Sony puts on its console's disc-reading ability. It noted that as well as acting as an antipiracy measure, the limits disable any homemade copies of games, restricting players to those published by the Japanese manufacturer; and that even then, only titles from the specific geographical regions unlocked on the machine will work.

"It's a little like Fiat marketing its cars while banning them from being driven by non-European citizens or outside towns," the court said. It remains to be seen if this interpretation will affect technological locks in place on other commercially available products.

Chaos Legion

Supertriste, de capcom.

Chaos Legion 5/10

Riding Spirits II - PS2

Riding Spirits II - PS2 Pues eso, vuelve el mejor juego de motos, con una salida en el mercado japones para Febrero del 2004. Para muestra un botón. :-) Una 300 Motos en total.

SNK vs. Capcom CHAOS - PS2

Pues me acabo de enterar saldrá el 25 de diciembre, otro a bajarse...

Hyper Street Figher II - 15 Aniversario PS2

Hyper Street Figher II - 15 Aniversario PS2

Pues eso, la joya esta en la calle, en Japón eso sí. Unos 3800 Yenes cuesta, aunque probablemente me cueste algunos centimos para el cdr. Si quereis saber algo de la historia del juego que ha hecho mundialmente famosos a capcom en el genero de lucha enlace a la historia

Y los regalos

que es lo unico que me haria comprar el juego original.

Y dios si, si por fin en mi casa, el Super Street Figher II Turbo X. :-)

Cable de serie para enviar codigo... PS2

La nueva psx, los nuevos juegos.. y SONY

Pues lo dicho, ya ha salido la nueva PS2, la PSX que graba dvds y tiene un disco duro,PSX en sus dos configuraciones, 160GBs y 250GBs, la grande unos 600euros quiza algo más
hoy dia de lio, cantidad de clases, y tonterias similares. De mano voy a ver si grabo el dvd de DDR Max 2 usa, que siempre tuve ganas, el tema con los juegos Dance Revolution es que cada uno es distinto al anterior y hay que bajarselos todos -ahora pensais que desvario- pues no. Los japos, DDR, DDR Max(2) tiene caña made in konami en plance dance relax, luego los usa tienen cositas en plan disney y los pal Dance algo, les cambian un poco el nombre, tiene cosas mas para nosotros los Europeos. Resumen que tengo todos, las tres versiones del DDR, y un par del DDR de psx antigua. Y ahora el dvd usa, me falta el Pal cuando salga. Pero vamos a ver fototios :-)

El DDR Max usa
Pero no todo es ps2 en la vida, hoy preparando la columna de cine, que por cierto, cuando mañana la maquete en la página pondre los pdfs de las dos la de la semana pasada y de esta, encontre info sobre los DVDs de V, para mi no hay serie más mitica que V, he dormido mal durante años cuando era pequeño. Todo un shock estoy por pillarme el dvd usado son 10 eurillos de nada.

Pues eso, este fin de semana se estrenas cosillas, a ver que tal, pero todo el tema cine, es siempre los jueves o los viernes, ya se acaba la semana, ya llega el mega-puente. Y tengo dos coches a falta de uno a mi disposicion, unos dias tanto y otros tan poco, me acuerdo de hace un 15 dias que tuve que ir autobus a parque principado. Otro tema, me preocupa el tema de que Arny sea el "governor" de California, pero bueno el pseudo-fascistoide no podia hacer otra cosa, toca tetas y encima sale elegido. Asi es la vida, si yo toco tetas, me pegan un bofeton, que me duele una temporada, es que le entro hasta a la tia que le acaompoñaba a una entrevista en la CNN, manda webos.

Otro de mis vicios es la fotografia, despues de sufrir durante años, las camaras de carrete, me compre en Hong Kong una iXUS de Canon, con APS un lujado, hasta que se cayo al suelo a un familiar, he ahi 30 talegos a la mierda, suerte que tenia un par de años. Desde que me dedico a la prensa escrita, en un periodico local, pues necesito hacer fotos. Despues de buscar, no mucho la verdad, me compre una Sony DSC-P72 de 3.2 Megapixels ni tal mal, siempre me ha gustado Sony. Hacen productos caros, pero de calidad. Casi siempre visito su web principal japonesa, si soy masoca. Recomiendo la visita. PDFs con mucha info y buenas fotos.

El caso es que estoy enamorado, de varias cosas, una camara DV para hacer algun screener que otro, no nos engañemos, no voy a grabar porno casero ni gilipolleces de esas. Una DV para jugar con mi Pinnacle que tiene entrada analogica y digital via Firewire. Y la otra era un discman de mp3s, pero me hice con un D-CJ01 que reproduce 25 horas de mp3s en un cdr o cd-rw con dos pilas alcalinas, todo un lujazo y con pilas recargables claro esta, de esas de sony guapas.

Aqui tenemos una P10, la mas alta de la gama
5 Megapixels a precio razonable, unos 600 euros dependiendo de la tienda, con soporte para Memory Stick PRO las de 1GB. El tema es que soy siempre asi, pero bueno sera cuestion de esperar.

Y para acabar, tengo un par temazos de Chambao, Flamenco Chillout, que recomiendo que busqueis en el vuestra red de p2p preferida. ;-)

Más Street Fighter que no me canso... Revision a los juegos de lucha en 2D

Más Street Fighter que no me canso... Revision a los juegos de lucha en 2D Y es que hoy me he levantado con una alegria, nada mas mirar GameSpot he visto que Capcom va a sacar un nuevo Street Fighter II, para el 15 aniversario de la serie y que siempre este juego me entro por el ojito derecho, cuando iba a la EGB pasaba siempre por dos bares en uno tenian el dificilisomo Art of Fighting que luego cambiaron por el Shinobi, pero el que nunca cambiaron fue un Street Fighter II, al que empeze a jugar a diario, mis cincoduros y es que se ha convertido un clasico para mi. Una de las pocas razones para que me comprase una Super Nintendo -que aun tengo- fue que podria jugar al Final Fight y que sabia a ciencia cierta que saldrian los SF2. Creo que tengo el SF2 clasico, y el Super Street Figher II, aun así jugaba en los recres, cerca de mi casa pusieron la que siempre ha sido la mejor de todas las versiones Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge que tenia una barrita de carga de super, luego vinieron las pifias de SF EX en pseudo 3d Arika y la serie de SF Alpha, alguno estaba bien, pero era demasiado manga para mi, siempre me gustaron los personajes serios, de la vieja escuela, por suerte para mi cuando SNK fue a la quiebra -una pena- Capcom ya tenia un acuerdo para utilizar sus personajes, el primer SNK vs.Capcom, fue la ostia, a mi que me gustan estos juegos con diez mil personajes fue un sueñe hecho realidad. El Fatal Fury que comenzo siendo una copia barata del Street se hizo su propio lugar en los salones a medida que iba avanzando, el unico tema era la historia de cambiar al fondo y vuelta. Luego vino el 2 y asi hasta el 4. Pero mientras tanto SNK ya sabia la formula. Capcom seguia con mas de lo mismo y salio el The King of Fighters 94, mientras estuvo en los recreativos arraso. Se podian escoger a todos los personajes de los juegos de SNK y los supers eran los mismos, pero las barras cargaban con un velocidad increible. Luego vino el KOF`95 que estaba bien, el tema fue como siempre que de ahi en adelante perdieron los papeles y enseguida llego el Tekken y se jodio el tema, creo que a la vez llego el Soul Calibur que no se si llamaba Soul Edge este si que me gusto. Pero al tema, en esta epoca Capcom seguia durmiendo en los laureles de sus exitos pasados, se dedicaban a convertir sus arcades a consola, me acuerdo perfectamente de las luchas SuperNintendo(SuperFamicom) vs Megradrive(Genesis) y las conversiones gitanas de Street figher 2 que llegaron a la megadrive. Cuando tuve mi Playstation, a parte de jugar al Ridge Racer como si no hubiese otro juego, y a sus subsiguiente secuelas hasta el Rage Racer, me hice con los King of Fighters, el 94 era un vicio para mi, me falta alguno pero los tengo casi todos. Paso el tiempo, me compre una Dreamcast y uno de los juego clasicos para mi fue siempre el Virtua Tennis, el Street Fighter III First Impact y el Snk vs. Capcom Millenium Fight 2000 y ahi se quedo, vendi mi Dreamcast, pero me quede esos juegos de recuerdo. Luego cuando compre mi primera PS2 (v4) y le instale uin EOLO y tenia tostado en cd el Snk vs. Capcom, que se convirtio en un obligatorio de mi casa, es una pena que no haya encontrado un tia que le gusten los
juegos de lucha :( Todavia me acuerdo, de los colegas, de la facultad, que me contaban te voy a dar un panadera del copon, y yo, si joder cuando quieras te pasas por casa y lo zanjamos. El palizon fue de impresion, despues de esto, la gente se relaja, las dos o tres primeras palizas, al Snk vs. Capcom y se le bajan lo humos. Es que es super jodido encontrar gente con la que jugar, solo tengo un colega, Pablo, que es màs de King of Fighers, pero se queja que con el mando de la ps2 no sabe jugar, pero con el tiene chispa el jugar. Tengo que aclarar que durante años me he pasado los veranos, mientras le gente iba a la piscina y mariconadas varias jugando al Street Figher 2, al NBA Jam, Super Soccer y similares con un multitap y una super nintendo, hemos llegado a acabarno el Final Fight con 25pts de entonces en un bar. Ahora que viene un nuevo Street Figher 2 para la ps2, no me puedo esperar, supuestamente tenemos el SVC Chaos que un snk vs capcom a lo tocho y el sf2 este. Solo espero que tengan soporte para red en ls ps2, por que el puto Marvel vs Capcom 2 japo que me baje, tenia TCP/IP pero no para la ethernet oficial de Sony. Manda webos. Bueno y gracias a esto hoy parece ser un buen dia, aprobecho a comentar que el socom me revuelve las tripas, es un asquete. Pero he recibido de Sony el Destruction Derby Arenas con soporte para red, y estoy muy contendo me gusta, al igual que el Hardware On-line Arena uno de tanques tipo Tokyo Wars al que jugaba en Hong Kong. Bastante por ahora, luego os cuento unas cosillas que vi ayer en la DSF, me dejo flipao.

Ultimamente me han gustado estas pistas:
Digital Rockers - I believe (pulsedrivers rmx)
Groove coverage - The End (special rmx)

Para los frikis, teneis enlaces a las roms de los arcades citados, Mame compatible.